Want To Help Ignite Corvallis 2? Here's How...

Posted on September 23, 2009 by Jason P

Want to help Ignite Corvallis 2 be a great event? We would love your help!

Here's a few ideas:

1. Submit an Ignite proposal. If you have an idea, life experience, story, advice, opinion, research, or something else that you want heard, this is a great venue for that. For a good idea about what Ignite is, check out: What is Ignite?. Also, check out some of the proposals so far. Or check out the videos from Ignite Corvallis #1.

Remember the deadline for submitting a proposal is October 15th!

2. If you know someone who might be a good Ignite speaker, encourage them to check it out! Especially if they have a funny story, great life experience, some research, or just have something to say. Point them at this blog or at the twitter account @IgniteCorvallis.

3. Volunteer to help. Let us know what you can help with!

4. Join the Willamette Innovators' Network and join the Ignite group. Its a great place to talk with other Ignite fans as the time event gets closer and share your thoughts after the event.

5. Talk about Ignite Corvallis 2 publicly. Blog about it, tweet about it, and join the conversation. Use the tag/hash ignitecorvallis or reference @ignitecorvallis on Twitter.

6. Sponsor or exhibit at the Willamette Innovators' Night. Ignite Corvallis 2 is a part of WIN09 event and network this year and any support of that event directly goes to support Ignite. If you would like to sponsor Ignite specifically, we are open to that as well. Drop a comment or message us on twitter and we can explore that possibility.

7. Attend!

See you there!