Ten Ideas for Your Ignite Presentation

Posted on September 23, 2010 by Loyan Roylance

Interested in doing an Ignite pitch but need a little inspiration? Here's some lighter fluid for your emerging flame.

1. Tell us what you REALLY think of health care reform.
2. Oregon wine tasting guide for guys who want need to get laid.
3. Why soccer and the World Cup sucks.
4. Mark Zuckerberg is a little s&%@t..
5. 50 reasons why Beavers are cooler than Ducks.
6. How to survive a cougar attack.
7. Your backyard vegetable garden deserves economic development funding too.
8. Cruel and unusual punishment ideas for oil spill culprits.
9. HTML 5 will save the world.
10. Shia Labeouf will save the world.

Remember the deadline to submit proposals for Ignite Corvallis 3 is right around the corner (deadline: Oct 7th, 2010).

OK maybe I finished a bit weak. Did this get creative fire burning? Got some good ideas? Please share them with us here.