Submit Your Ignite Corvallis 4 Idea!

Posted on September 23, 2011 by Jason P

Do you have a burning idea, something crazy, or really interesting to share?

Do you have a problem you solve or think needs more awareness?

Have a funny story, poem, or crazy idea?

Does your business or organization solve a problem that needs more awareness?

Submit an Ignite Corvallis 4 proposal!

"What is Ignite" by Jeff Silverman

Ignite Corvallis 4 Kickoff Party

Posted on September 13, 2011 by Jason P

The Willamette Innovators Night is approaching on November 10th. Ignite Corvallis 4 will be a big part of the WiN experience again!

Come join us for the Ignite Corvallis 4 Kickoff event on September 22nd at 5:30pm - 8pm. See past Ignite talks and learn about how and why to talk at Ignite Corvallis 4!

What: Ignite Corvallis 4 Kickoff Party
When: September 22nd at 5:30pm - 8pm
Where: Location coming soon
Cost: FREE


- 45 minutes of networking
- 20-25 minutes of ignite replays (best of in categories: funny, interesting, biz, non-biz)
- 20 min Q&A with the panel of presenters
- 30 min of networking to wrap up

Please tell anyone who you think might be a good Ignite presenter and get them excited about speaking this year!

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