Ignite Corvallis 2 Was A Blast!

Posted on November 6, 2009 by Jason P

Thanks to everyone who presented, attended, and helped organize Ignite Corvallis 2. It was a fun night!

Videos will be up in a bit (couple weeks?) and don't forget about the next two Ignite events in the area:

Ignite Salem 2 - Thursday, November 12 at Northern Lights Theatre Pub in Salem - FB event

Ignite Portland 7 - Thursday, November 19 at the Bagdad Theater (3702 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., Portland)

Thanks to the planning/selection committee:

Lance Albertson
Chris Nordyke
Paul Bausch
Loyan Roylance

Thanks to Donna Williams at OSU for making everything exceeding smooth.

Thanks to Jessica at Rocket Queen Cupcakes for having awesome cupcakes and sharing them with us!

Thanks to Dawn Foster for MC-ing, being the "Unofficial Person In Charge of the Party Bus", and for all the help promoting the event/bus.

Thanks to Hut Shuttle for providing a comfy bus with WiFi and power, and thanks to Calapooia Brewing for sponsoring the bus! (Thanks Rebecca Badger for hooking that up!)

And thanks to the brave souls who got up on stage and put it on the line:

Ross Swartzendruber
Jason Prothero
Sean O'Brien
Tamra Tilton
Ryan Gardner
Aaron Hockley
Loyan Roylance
Katherine Cleland
Matt Neznanski
Adam DuVander
Scott Gilpin
Charlie Tomlinson
Andy Vaughn

(Linked to their Twitter accounts in case you wanted to chat more about their burning ideas)

Do you have photos from Ignite Corvallis 2? Please tag them as ignitecorvallis2 on Flickr and we will see them here:

If you blogged about Ignite, let us know!

Blogs/News about the event:

First notes from Willamette Innovators Night - Mike McInally
However, the show was stolen by presentations from Loyan Roylance of ProWorks, who spoke on the topic of “What Social Media Has Taught Me About Sex” (which I choose here not to excerpt in any way), and Aaron Hockley, a Portland photographer who spoke on his passion: Loving photographs of trains, or as he put it, “train porn.”

Love the tweets about and during the event:

Twitter Search: ignitecorvallis2 OR ignitecorvallis OR "ignite corvallis"

More Tickets Available For Ignite Corvallis 2! (First Come, First Served)

Posted on November 5, 2009 by Jason P

Good News!

We just learned that the auditorium the Ignite Corvallis 2 is being held in is bigger than we thought. That means we have more room for people who want to attend Ignite Corvallis 2!

About 25 seats are left and will be available on a first come, first served basis. And there are some standing room only areas. And an overflow room with live streaming video is also available.

So come on down to the Willamette Innovators Night and watch Ignite Corvallis 2!


Final Ignite Corvallis 2 Lineup Selected

Posted on November 2, 2009 by Jason P

Dawn Foster - What Is Ignite!

Ross Swartzendruber - Alcohol and Creativity: Essential ingredients for social networking IRL

Jason Prothero - Grassroots Stimulus Plan

Sean O'Brien - Digitalization and Interpreting Reality

Tamra Tilton - Brave New Travel Innovations : Surfing with Locals & WWOOFing

Ryan Gardner - How to take better pictures.

Aaron Hockley - A Glimpse Into the World of Hot, Steamy #trainporn


Break - With awesome cupcakes from:

Rocket Queen Cupcakes!


Loyan Roylance - Social Media will make you better (in bed)

Katherine Cleland - Glitter, Legos, Hacksaws, Recyclables, Bandaids and Imagination

Matt Neznanski - So now you've overthrown the tyranny of reporters. Now what?

Adam DuVander - Share your location: it's not creepy, it's the future

Scott Gilpin - A Masters Degree in 1680 Characters

Charlie Tomlinson - Economic Gardening and the Creative Class: Place Matters

Andy Vaughn - Your website sucks!

Are you in Portland or Salem and want to come down on an awesome Hut Shuttle bus with Wifi and Beer?

Sign up for the Portland/Salem Shuttle Bus Here

See you at Willamette Innovators Night 09!