Ignite Corvallis 3 Videos and Presentations

Posted on November 22, 2010 by Jason P

Here are the videos from Ignite Corvallis 3. Great job everyone!

We will be releasing these daily over the next couple of weeks

"What is Ignite" by Jeff Silverman

"Memoirs of an Accountant" by Justin Vail

"Healing the Hero: Working With Veterans With PTSD" by Kirk Shimeall

"How the World 'Really' Works: Collaboration vs. Control" by Kevin Duell

"Inside the mind of a Techno-Gadget Freak" by Chris Nordyke

"The Language of Optimism" by Rebecca Rapple

"They are killing themselves with shovels" by Bruce Christensen

"How to really screw yourself at a traffic stop" by Stewart Myers

"Health Care Reform? Not Really..." by Reiner Bohlen

"Car Talk for Chicks" by Kathleen Hutchinson

"So much information, so little knowledge" by Arian Kulp

"Born with Feet not Wheels: on the hazards of walking" by Lisa Wells

"Wait Google, I need a kitchen sink!" - Misty Lambrecht

"Is your food killing you?" by Nadine Grzeskowiak

"Confessions of a Web Designer" - Ron Sparks

"Cougar attacks, what YOU need to know to live!" by Jessica Stanley "The Rocket Queen"

Ignite Corvallis 3 Rocked!

Posted on November 15, 2010 by Jason P

Ignite Corvallis 3 and Willamette Innovators Night 2010 last Thursday were awesome!  Here's some of the buzz before, during, and after the event.

Before the event:


Ignite Opening talk with Jeff Silverman:


Ignite Talks:


Photos on Flickr:

Photos on the Willamette Innovators Network:

Images tagged IgniteCorvallis3

Thanks to all the presenters, attendees, organizers, sponsors, and Willamette Innovators!

See you next year.  Ignite Corvallis 4 proposals can be submitted now!

Ignite Corvallis 3 - Schedule and Lineup

Posted on November 5, 2010 by Jason P

We've put the Ignite Corvallis 3 talks into a schedule generator and come up with this list.  Awesome, right!?

Hope to see you at Ignite in Corvallis on November 11th at 7:30pm!  We even have a bus from Portland that can get you down to Corvallis and back with Wifi and Beer!  Join the fun!  (Register for the Bus here)

Attendees will have a chance to win a new orange 16 GB Apple iPod nano! Thanks Chris Nordyke State Farm for sponsoring.

First Group:  (starts 7:30pm)

20-30 minute break for beer/snacks/etc

Second Group: