Ignite Corvallis Videos!!!

Posted on November 26, 2008 by Jason P

Thanks a ton to Loyan who shot, spliced, produced, and uploaded the videos for Ignite Corvallis 1!

1. What is Ignite? – Jason Prothero, ProWorks Corporation

2. Reaching Overseas Markets - Don’t Be a Jelly-Donut! - Jeff Gardner, ViewPlus Technologies

3. Natural Building, Housing and the Environment - Shannon Dealy

4. What Motivates You to Build Stuff? - Carl Niedner, Coelo

5. Coding Style – Trevor Misfeldt, CenterSpace Software

6. How *Not* to Kill a Side Project - Paul Bausch, OrBlogs Founder

7. A Journey to Becoming a Participant in a Niche Open Source Project – Rory Plaire

8. Social Media for B2B Communities - Jerry Saveriano, Sanda

9. Why SpeakerLunch - Chris Nordyke, State Farm Insurance

10. Corvallis Renew-abled – Ravi Sinha

11. Business in a Box – Kathleen Hutchinson, The BEC

12. How to Get Out of Survival Mode – Wendy Kincade, BlueSky Morning

13. Social Media Helps You to Share Your Taste - Wookie Bae, Strands

Here's a few to check out now:

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