Ignite Corvallis 2 Moved To November!

Posted on March 14, 2009 by Jason P

Due to multiple circumstances, we are postponing Ignite Corvallis 2 until the Fall. It is a decision that we have agonized over the last week and even got advice from some Ignite Portland organizers. It was our intention to create an event with a similar feel as Ignite Portland but with a fit that works for Corvallis. As time moved on, both of our busy schedules worked against us getting everything planned and marketed in a timely manner. With only about a week to go before the submission deadline we only had a few proposals when we were hoping to have more proposals by that point. We were concerned that we wouldn't get enough strong proposals to make the event a success and didn't want to leave a negative impression for the community. It was important to us that we did this event right, not half right.

When is Ignite Corvallis 2 going to be instead you ask? We are planning on moving it to early-November to coincide with High Tech After Hours (HTAH). Last year we held it at the High Tech After Hours event around the same time and had great participation and attendance. Our plan is to have Ignite Corvallis 2 during the same week as HTAH and hopefully even on the same day. However, this time we plan to host it in a bigger venue, have food and drinks, and more time to network and socialize. Overall, we think we can put on a much better event by getting help from the HTAH organizers and sponsors along with having more time to get more community interaction and involvement.

If you have already submitted a proposal, we would love for you to keep the idea! The proposals we have so far are great and I know that many of them will probably make the final lineup come November!

So whats next? We plan on having a session or two at Beaver BarCamp on April 4th covering planning and ideas for the next Ignite Corvallis and we may even try to have a mini-Ignite towards the end of BarCamp. If you want to be a part of the Ignite presentations at BarCamp, please come and be a part of the unconference! There will be limited time and seating space but we can still have a few presentations.

Once again, we apologize for the late decision on this and feel free to leave comments. It was very difficult for us to make but we feel its the right one that will benefit the event for Corvallis. If you want to be a part of the planning for Ignite Corvallis let us know or come to Beaver BarCamp on April 4th!

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