Ignite Corvallis 2 Lineup Selected!

Posted on October 21, 2009 by Jason P

Ignite Corvallis 2 lineup (order subject to change):

Dawn Foster - What Is Ignite!

Ross Swartzendruber - Alcohol and Creativity: Essential ingredients for social networking IRL

Jason Prothero - Grassroots Stimulus Plan

Sean O'Brien - Digitalization and Interpreting Reality

Tamra Tilton - Brave New Travel Innovations : Surfing with Locals & WWOOFing

Ryan Gardner - How to take better pictures.

Charlie Tomlinson - Economic Gardening and the Creative Class: Place Matters

Aaron Hockley - A Glimpse Into the World of Hot, Steamy #trainporn

*** Break - With awesome cupcakes from Rocket Queen Cupcakes! ***

Loyan Roylance - Social Media will make you better (in bed)

Katherine Cleland - Glitter, Legos, Hacksaws, Recyclables, Bandaids and Imagination

Matt Neznanski - So now you've overthrown the tyranny of reporters. Now what?

Jennifer Gardner - How to overcome writer's block

Adam DuVander - Share your location: it's not creepy, it's the future

Scott Gilpin - A Masters Degree in 1680 Characters

Andy Vaughn - Your website sucks!

Thanks everyone who submitted! This list may change as time moves forward and we appreciate everyone who has volunteered to be alternates.

Watch this space for Ignite Corvallis 2 Ticket Announcements!


Anonymous says:

We even have a free shuttle for PDXers who want to come down to join us! Sign up at http://www.willametteinnovators.com/events/hut-shuttle-bus-from-portland