Ignite Corvallis 4 Lineup Tonight!

Posted on November 10, 2011 by Jason P

Here is the official lineup and order for Ignite Corvallis 4 at WiN 2011!


What is Ignite?, Chris Nordyke

Full Body Reboot, Tamra Tilton

Confessions of a Failing Entrepreneur, Jason Silvestri

Start-Up Lessons Learned the Hard Way: A concise guide to making more interesting mistakes than we did…, Reiner Bohlen

The Value of Space, Sean O'Brien

When passion meets talent: How I made a micro documentary, Ron Sparks


A Little Crack is Good for Everyone, Jenn Nyberg

Benefits of buying local, Nadine Grzeskowiak

Peeing My Pants in the Performance of My Duties: Service Culture and Innovation Culture, Carl Niedner

Dont be a fool, be cool. Davey Whitney

Learning to Speak Giraffe: An Introduction to Non-Violent Communication, Wendy Kincade

Confessions of a Class A Solicitor, Jeff Silverman

Special thanks to everyone that submitted a proposal and to Chris Nordyke State Farm for sponsoring Ignite Corvallis.

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