Ignite Corvallis 4 - Schedule and Lineup

Posted on November 2, 2011 by Loyan Roylance

The bones were cast and the Oracles have been consulted. Here are your presenters for Ignite Corvallis 4! (In no particular order)

When passion meets talent: How I made a micro documentary, Ron Sparks

Peeing My Pants in the Performance of My Duties: Service Culture and Innovation Culture, Carl Niedner 
Benefits of buying local, Nadine Grzeskowiak 

The Value of Space, Sean O'Brien 

Start-Up Lessons Learned the Hard Way: A concise guide to making more interesting mistakes than we did…, Reiner Bohlen 

A Little Crack is Good for Everyone, Jenn Nyberg 

Learning to Speak Giraffe: An Introduction to Non-Violent Communication, Wendy Kincade 

Full Body Reboot, Tamra Tilton 

Confessions of a Failing Entrepreneur, Jason Silvestri 

Don't be a fool, be cool, Davey Whitney 

Confessions of a Class A Solicitor, Jeff Silverman

Special thanks to everyone that submitted a proposal and to Chris Nordyke State Farm for sponsoring Ignite Corvallis.

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